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Power Management
Power Management of UPS systems is achieved by installing an additional communication card to the unit.
The most common cards are:

The network management card is fitted to your UPS and connected to your network using a normal data cable. It, in effect, looks like a PC on your network.
The NMC gives you monitoring, supervision, alarm notification and shutdown solutions of your UPS via your network, locally or remote.
It can send alerts via email.

The shutdown software is loaded onto your server, and it currently supports all the main operating systems.

The software is free, you pay for the network card.

The relay card is a voltage free contact card, that upon an alarm, opens/or closes a relay contact. Check the rating as some are low voltage only.
The card and an additional cable are required for IBM AS400 computers.
Relay cards are also used for remote alarm panels.

The Modbus card connects the UPS to SCADA and building management computers.

The EMP plugs into the NMC and provides you with temperature and humidity monitoring over the network.
You can configure the thresholds to send out alerts.
It has two sets alarm contacts so you can monitor if the lazy IT tech has left the rack door open again.